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Tech Co-Founder Found and she’s Chinese!

In my latest blogpost I wrote about my quest to find a Tech Co-Founder for the Startup I’m working on.

[Think of a Drum roll sound]: I found one and she’s Chinese!
Why is that so strange?
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Finding a Tech Co-Founder quest

When I applied for the Accelerator HK program I had a tech co-founder in mind, but he had not yet confirmed because of his current gig and possible extension of that. After a week of nail biting he sadly but respectfully declined, the current gig was continuing.
So now I had applied for a Startup program on my own and I cannot code (at least not the last versions of coding languaes) My last coding from scratch was in Basics:
10 PRINT "Hello World";
20 GOTO 10

(And I even had to Google this now to see if I didn’t make any programming failures in these 2 lines, which I did, darn “;”)
But that wont help me a lot on a mobile app in HTML5.
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HK vs Mainland China [Dutch]

Bus ladingen vol cultuurverschil.

Ze komen met luxe busjes de grens over… zwangere Chinese vrouwen die hun kind in Hong Kong ter wereld willen brengen voor een Hong Kong ID.

Dit is een van de vele voorbeelden die toont dat er nog een wereld van verschil is tussen de voormalige Britse kolonie Hong Kong en het vaste land van China. De afgelopen weken lijken de spanningen hieromtrent zelfs toe te nemen. Vooral via de sociale netwerken wordt er veel ongenoegen geuit.
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