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Choosing startup mentors

When you are a startup founder, especially when you’re a “first time founder”, everything is new and you have to do 1,001 things. Finding amazing mentors is one of those things. And yes, mentors as in plural, more than one Read more…

How to get the most out of a startup mentor meeting

One of the great advantages for a founder / startup of being in an incubator / accelerator is having access to quality mentors Now choosing a mentor is a whole topic upon itself, but when you have found mentors that fit your need for advice, it’s best to get the most out of the time you have with her or him. Read more…


Mentor and investor email updates

All startups / entrepeneurs / founders I mentor send out a mentor and investor update on a monthly basis, or more frequently. IMO a month is the maximum period between updates because, as you know, a lot happens at a startup in a month. Read more…

Startup groupies

Startup groupies in HK

A growing startup eco-system, like in Hong Kong, comes with its own dynamics; over enthusiastic founders, soliciting lawyers, great mentors, visionaries, black hat investors, brilliant ideas, multi-million dollar acquisitions, big failures, smart (and dumb) capital, startup entertainment and: startup groupies Read more…

Startup entertainment

Startup Entertainment

Within the startup community a lot of startup entertainment is organized, events that not really help you to build your startup of that you can learn from, but socializing events Read more…

How much money should a startup raise?

Fred Wilson, from Union Square Ventures say this on the subject;

Some startups raise more Read more…

How to pitch effectively [Workshop]

For Founder Institute I gave a workshop, together with Raymond Yip from Shopline about pitching.

Here are my slides:


Whisper, an APP for sad people? [Review]

Sex sells, that’s the credo for a lot of things; Internet, VHS-tapes and Advertising. Some say it’s because we, as human beings, have a “lizard brain” that responds instinctual to certain primal urges like food. Sex and reproduction is definitely another primal urge.
Read more…

Men and toilets

Men and toilets, EPIC speach of Steve on the Coupling TV series.

Susan: Men and toilets, the love that dare not speak its name. What’s that about?

Steve: We are men! Throughout history, we have always needed, in times of difficulty, to retreat to our caves. It so happens that in this modern age, our caves are fully plumbed.
The toilet is, for us, Read more…


Windows 8, Pfff, a first look.

This weekend I had the chance to play around with Windows 8 on an Asus Zenbook, an ultrabook, I played with the UI and to put it mildly: I’m not excited. Read more…