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10 Reasons why YOU SHOULD NOT attend Postmortem.HK this Saturday!

#1. You have ZERO INTEREST in startups.
#2. The last time YOU FAILED was … well never.
#3. You are too busy working on the next Facebook.
#4. You’ve never paid for amazing speakers, buffet, drinks and giveaways.
#5. You’d rather read TechCrunch than the Founder’s Dilemma.
#6. You’d rather hear about someone else’s vanity metrics.
#7. You already know everything about startups.
#8. You love top10s on Noteworthy.
#9. You prefer networking with real winners.
#10. In your book failure is too embarrassing, heartbreaking, embittering, or enraging to discuss in public.
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Walking around with an idea to do an event in Hong Kong where people can learn and share startup failures for quite some time. Now it’s going to be a reality!
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To Startup or not to Startup

To startup or not to start up, that’s the question.

I did my share of startups already, not startups as a lot of people see the definition of a startup, but I started 4 companies so far and they are all still existing. With the first one I was still studying and the last one was 1,5 years ago here in Hong Kong. But there was always one thing NOT applicable to those companies: scalability .
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Hong Kong in the Mist

HK vs Mainland China [Dutch]

Bus ladingen vol cultuurverschil.

Ze komen met luxe busjes de grens over… zwangere Chinese vrouwen die hun kind in Hong Kong ter wereld willen brengen voor een Hong Kong ID.

Dit is een van de vele voorbeelden die toont dat er nog een wereld van verschil is tussen de voormalige Britse kolonie Hong Kong en het vaste land van China. De afgelopen weken lijken de spanningen hieromtrent zelfs toe te nemen. Vooral via de sociale netwerken wordt er veel ongenoegen geuit.
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