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Traction isn’t everything

This post appeared first in JumpStart Magazine May 2017 issue as part of Postmortem Conferences, a yearly conference I organize about startup leassons learned

It’s summer 2012, I am running the UX-Web Design Studio I set up over a year ago, and things are doing ok-ish. We have work enough, not a cash cow, but we share a nice office and work on projects we like. But it’s consultancy work, not scalable, not repeatable and the business model is straightforward: selling hours.

Being in and out of Mainland China for the previous 10 years, I had a QQ and a Sina Weibo account Read more…

Running out of money is not a failure

Running out of money isn’t a valid failure reason.
While making the preparations for the next version of the Postmortem Conference about Startup Lessons Learned, I sometimes see founders writing: we failed because we ran out of money. Now those founders should get causation and correlation right. Read more…

Startup groupies in HK

A growing startup eco-system, like in Hong Kong, comes with its own dynamics; over enthusiastic founders, soliciting lawyers, great mentors, visionaries, black hat investors, brilliant ideas, multi-million dollar acquisitions, big failures, smart (and dumb) capital, startup entertainment and: startup groupies Read more…

Startup Bullshit [VIDEO]

The video’s of the Postmortem HK failure conference are online. So also my talk about startup bullshit.

10 Reasons why YOU SHOULD NOT attend Postmortem.HK this Saturday!

#1. You have ZERO INTEREST in startups.
#2. The last time YOU FAILED was … well never.
#3. You are too busy working on the next Facebook.
#4. You’ve never paid for amazing speakers, buffet, drinks and giveaways.
#5. You’d rather read TechCrunch than the Founder’s Dilemma.
#6. You’d rather hear about someone else’s vanity metrics.
#7. You already know everything about startups.
#8. You love top10s on Noteworthy.
#9. You prefer networking with real winners.
#10. In your book failure is too embarrassing, heartbreaking, embittering, or enraging to discuss in public.
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Walking around with an idea to do an event in Hong Kong where people can learn and share startup failures for quite some time. Now it’s going to be a reality!
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