10 Reasons why YOU SHOULD NOT attend Postmortem.HK this Saturday!

#1. You have ZERO INTEREST in startups.
#2. The last time YOU FAILED was … well never.
#3. You are too busy working on the next Facebook.
#4. You’ve never paid for amazing speakers, buffet, drinks and giveaways.
#5. You’d rather read TechCrunch than the Founder’s Dilemma.
#6. You’d rather hear about someone else’s vanity metrics.
#7. You already know everything about startups.
#8. You love top10s on Noteworthy.
#9. You prefer networking with real winners.
#10. In your book failure is too embarrassing, heartbreaking, embittering, or enraging to discuss in public.

In case you still want to attend: get your tickets here: www.postmortem.hk

About The Event:

Postmortem.HK is a no-bullshit educational startup conference that tries to draw lessons from startup failures. This is not going to be your regular startup “entertainment”, but one day of shared startup lessons from which you can actually learn from.

Ticket Price: HK$199 on Eventbrite. HK$300 at the door.

Ticket includes complimentary buffet lunch, drinks, and alcoholic beverages at the end of the event.

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