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How to pitch effectively [Workshop]

For Founder Institute I gave a workshop, together with Raymond Yip from Shopline about pitching.

Here are my slides:

Startup Bullshit [VIDEO]

The video’s of the Postmortem HK failure conference are online. So also my talk about startup bullshit.

Whisper, an APP for sad people? [Review]

Sex sells, that’s the credo for a lot of things; Internet, VHS-tapes and Advertising. Some say it’s because we, as human beings, have a “lizard brain” that responds instinctual to certain primal urges like food. Sex and reproduction is definitely another primal urge.
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When you are not a startup anymore

When is a startup not a startup anymore?

When you have a board of directors! Or found your business model! Or your’e being bought! Or …..
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Men and toilets

Men and toilets, EPIC speach of Steve on the Coupling TV series.

Susan: Men and toilets, the love that dare not speak its name. What’s that about?

Steve: We are men! Throughout history, we have always needed, in times of difficulty, to retreat to our caves. It so happens that in this modern age, our caves are fully plumbed.
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What do you really want to do?

Startup Tips

Lean Startup Tips

A few tips, video’s and reads on tech startups. So if you’re interested in doing a startup or you’re attending a Startup Weekend, this is the place to start: Read more…

When given options, use them

What if

The post from Steve Blank on The Lean LaunchPad going online got me thinking;

What if you put Alexander Osterwalder, Steve Blank, Eric Ries, Steven Sinofsky and Scott Forstall in one room (and let them spend some time outside the building for Customer Development answers) to think on the next best thing?
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filmSkout video for Global Startup Battle

Here’s filmSkouts video for the Global Startup Battle

Untitled from Offerpop on Vimeo.