What if

The post from Steve Blank on The Lean LaunchPad going online got me thinking;

What if you put Alexander Osterwalder, Steve Blank, Eric Ries, Steven Sinofsky and Scott Forstall in one room (and let them spend some time outside the building for Customer Development answers) to think on the next best thing?

What would come out of that?
A lean Teleportation product?
A perfectly balanced banking system with amazing user experience?
A world with automated notaries?
A perfectly executed and award winning in ear personal communication device?
The perfect pitch for an energy producing window?

Or just the best AcceleratorHK mentor group you can ever think of? I would love them as a mentor for our startup.

Let me know below what you think can come out of a group like this.

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  1. Rob

    A machine that can generate unlimited should trump all the above

  2. Rob

    Unlimited energy