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How much money should a startup raise?

Fred Wilson, from Union Square Ventures say this on the subject;

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How to pitch effectively [Workshop]

For Founder Institute I gave a workshop, together with Raymond Yip from Shopline about pitching.

Here are my slides:

Tech media will fill your ear but will never get you to product market fit.

Stop reading TechCrunch

Pitch bootcamp

Join me at the Founder Institute Startup Pitch Bootcamp:

– Startup Pitch Bootcamp
– 2015-03-12 on 07:00 to 09:00 PM
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Startup Bullshit [VIDEO]

The video’s of the Postmortem HK failure conference are online. So also my talk about startup bullshit.

10 Reasons why YOU SHOULD NOT attend Postmortem.HK this Saturday!

#1. You have ZERO INTEREST in startups.
#2. The last time YOU FAILED was … well never.
#3. You are too busy working on the next Facebook.
#4. You’ve never paid for amazing speakers, buffet, drinks and giveaways.
#5. You’d rather read TechCrunch than the Founder’s Dilemma.
#6. You’d rather hear about someone else’s vanity metrics.
#7. You already know everything about startups.
#8. You love top10s on Noteworthy.
#9. You prefer networking with real winners.
#10. In your book failure is too embarrassing, heartbreaking, embittering, or enraging to discuss in public.
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Walking around with an idea to do an event in Hong Kong where people can learn and share startup failures for quite some time. Now it’s going to be a reality!
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Whisper, an APP for sad people? [Review]

Sex sells, that’s the credo for a lot of things; Internet, VHS-tapes and Advertising. Some say it’s because we, as human beings, have a “lizard brain” that responds instinctual to certain primal urges like food. Sex and reproduction is definitely another primal urge.
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Tech Co-Founder Found and she’s Chinese!

In my latest blogpost I wrote about my quest to find a Tech Co-Founder for the Startup I’m working on.

[Think of a Drum roll sound]: I found one and she’s Chinese!
Why is that so strange?
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Finding a Tech Co-Founder quest

When I applied for the Accelerator HK program I had a tech co-founder in mind, but he had not yet confirmed because of his current gig and possible extension of that. After a week of nail biting he sadly but respectfully declined, the current gig was continuing.
So now I had applied for a Startup program on my own and I cannot code (at least not the last versions of coding languaes) My last coding from scratch was in Basics:
10 PRINT "Hello World";
20 GOTO 10

(And I even had to Google this now to see if I didn’t make any programming failures in these 2 lines, which I did, darn “;”)
But that wont help me a lot on a mobile app in HTML5.
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