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To Startup or not to Startup

To startup or not to start up, that’s the question.

I did my share of startups already, not startups as a lot of people see the definition of a startup, but I started 4 companies so far and they are all still existing. With the first one I was still studying and the last one was 1,5 years ago here in Hong Kong. But there was always one thing NOT applicable to those companies: scalability .

Now I’m on the verge of starting up an idea I’m already thinking about for a few months, a mobile App, so that will live and breath scalability. But the opportunity that presents itself is giving me some food for thoughts. There is a 3 months full time accelerator program, a great opportunity to work on my idea, but it’s 3 months, full time! I’m not doing nothing right now, I’m working 40+ hours a week with lots of fun. So how to do it then? I can delegate some tasks, but it will take some OT to solve this because I love my current ventures too.

I will make 60-70 hours a week again, but I’m not 28 anymore (by then I was doing 60+ hours a week on a Computer Wholesale company called Goldpoint) I did that with passion and love, and that passion and love I feel also for this startup idea, but I think the extra hours will be felt, in body and mind. To startup or not to start up, that’s the question. It will be a tough 3 months.

I believe in the start up idea (later more) and wanna do this, give it the chance it deserves, because if I don’t try, I’ll never know.

Let’s go and do this and see where this adventure will take me. Launch? Launch!

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