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Why Hong Kong is a good base for a logistics startup?

This is the second post, from a trio of posts, I’ve written about Hong Kong as a startup hub with a Dutch angle. This post will highlight the logistics part of Hong Kong. One about hardware and one is going to be about FinTech.


The similarities between The Netherlands and Hong Kong pre-date startups. Hong Kong is a strong logistical center, it operates a big container port (4th globally), in addition to being driving distance of the port of Guangzhou (8th globally), and Shenzhen (3rd globally). These 3 ports are situated in the Pearl River Delta. The 3 combined handled in 2013 Read more…

Picture: “Hong Kong Victoria Harbour Pano View from ICC 201105” by WiNG – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

What is really needed to start a startup?

“Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem, is there really something missing?”

After the launch of the Visa scheme for Startups reactions were mostly positive, but sparked also the discussion what else is needed in Hong Kong Read more…